ECCP Champion of the Month

Ms. Johna Stringer

Ms. Stringer has graciously given to the Employee Charitable Contribution Plan since becoming an employee seven years ago. Her desire to give was propelled by the generous ways the Chickasaw Foundation and the Chickasaw Nation help others. It has inspired her to do her part to give as well.

Johna is an administrative assistant in the Division of Community Services for Counseling and Loan Services, Department of Housing. While working for the Chickasaw Nation, Johna attended school at East Central University and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Service Counseling. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, James, and sons, Brett and Wade.  She also enjoys cooking out with friends and family, and reading. Our appreciation goes out to Johna for being a champion for the Chickasaw Foundation.

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Donor of the Month

Ms. Sandy “Alholchi’fo Dee” Wells-Chapman

Ms. Sandy Wells Chapman established the Homer “Dee” Wells Memorial Scholarship in 2009.  This scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time Chickasaw student in their second year of an associate degree; or a junior or senior undergraduate or graduate student majoring in construction management or engineering.

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Holisso Fellowship Application
Scholarship Application Supplemental

Welcome to Chickasaw Foundation

The Chickasaw Foundation offers a variety of scholarships. Each year our application is offered in early spring and lists available scholarships along with their criteria and amount. Scholarship funding begins with each fall semester and is dependent upon the availability of funding. Scholarship awards shall be made payable directly to the students' designated college or university.

Requirements and amounts for each funding source may change during the course of a school year.

All scholarship applications must be delivered or postmarked by the stated deadline date to be considered for funding.

The Chickasaw Foundation provides educational assistance for students who demonstrate excellence in academics, community service, dedication to Native America and a commitment to learning.  Applicants will be notified by mid-July if they are selected to receive the scholarship.  

Please check back, the 2015-2016 application will be available soon.


The Chickasaw Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that was founded in 1971.  The Foundation seeks to preserve, promote and protect Chickasaw culture and development in a wide range of areas, from historic preservation to healthcare.

Please visit our offices at 2020 Arlington, Suite 4 in Ada, Oklahoma. You may also contact us by calling (580) 421-9030 or email us at

As you consider your contributions for this year, please remember the Chickasaw Foundation in your giving plans. Your giving helps us to provide additional opportunities for Chickasaw citizens and local communities.

Our mission is to promote the general welfare and culture of the Chickasaw people by supporting educational, health, historical and community activities and program.