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Thank you for your interest in the Chickasaw Foundation Scholarships. The Chickasaw Foundation provides educational assistance for students who demonstrate excellence in academics, community service, dedication to Native America and a commitment to learning.

All scholarship applications must be delivered or postmarked by the stated deadline date to be considered for funding.

All scholarship funding begins each fall semester and is dependent upon the availability of funding. Scholarship awards shall be made payable directly to the students' designated college or university. The award requirements and amounts for each funding source may change during the course of a school year.

Call (580) 421-9030 or e-mail for information regarding scholarships.

2014-2015 Holisso: The Center for Study of Chickasaw History and Culture Fellowship

You Provide: (Depending on the scholarship)

  • Two letters of recommendation from a school official or instructor
  • Two letters of recommendation from a high school official or instructor who is knowledgeable of your academic ability and character.
  • High school and/or college transcript (depends on classification)
  • Proof of enrollment for fall semester
  • Typed essay describing long-term goals and plans to achieve them
  • Copy of Chickasaw citizenship card or CDIB (depends on scholarship)
  • Copy of Your Chickasaw Nation employee badge
  • Copy of ACT/SAT scores
  • Proof of any honors, awards or achievements, participation in any clubs, societies, etc.
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of acceptance to law school and law school transcript


Eligibility requirements differ with each scholarship.

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General Purpose Scholarships

  • Ann Eubank Health Scholarship
  • Ataloa Memorial Scholarship
  • Bank2 Banking Scholarship- In Memory of Mr. Robert Walton
  • Bank2 T a-ossaa-asha' Scholarship
  • Bill Fryrear Memorial Scholarship
  • Chickasaw Foundation Career Technology Scholarship
  • Chickasaw Foundation Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Chickasaw Foundation General Purpose Education Scholarship
  • Chickasaw Foundation Health Professions Scholarship
  • Chickasaw Foundation Nonprofit Management Scholarship
  • Colbert "Bud" Baker Scholarship
  • Colbert Scholarship
  • Computercraft Corporation Scholarship
  • David & Carolyn Nimmo Graduate Business Scholarship
  • Division on Aging Scholarship
  • Donald D. & J. Wenonah Gunning Memorial Scholarship
  • Edward L Kruger Memorial lttisli Aaisha Scholarship
  • Homer "Dee" Wells Memorial Scholarship
  • Irene C. Howard Memorial Scholarship
  • Ithana (Education) Scholarship
  • James and Carolee Cundiff Grants
  • James Michael "Mike" Dunn Scholarship
  • Janet Shaley James Memorial Scholarship
  • Janie Hardwick Benson Memorial Scholarship
  • Jess Green Memorial Law Scholarship
  • John Bennett Herrington Scholarship
  • Judicial Scholarship - Law Student Scholarship
  • Lillian Fowler Memorial Scholarship
  • Lula Bynum Bourland Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary K. Moreland&: Daniel T. Jenks Scholarship
  • Mitch Musgrove Memorial Scholarship
  • Mitch Sperry Memorial Law Scholarship
  • Mooniene Ogee Memorial Scholarship
  • Native American Fund Advisors
  • Overton M. "Buck" Cheadle Memorial Scholarship
  • Pearl Carter Scott Aviation Scholarship
  • Robert L. Walton Memorial Scholarship
  • Stacie Lynn Hays Memorial Scholarship
  • The Chickasaw Nation Ada Wellness Program Scholarship
  • The Chickasaw Nation Division of Social Services General Educational Scholarship
  • The Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse Scholarship - In Memory of Special Agent Patrick Flickinger
  • The Hill Group Scholarship
  • Vinnie May Humes Memorial Scholarship
  • Wesley D. Brantley, Jr. Scholarship
  • Wilson J. Brown Memorial Scholarship